Porn Again!!

Well this is my first blog it has been said that creation of this blog is an attempt to avoid working on my PhD! For once it is probably right but I’m as likely to admit that to those perceptive souls as Gary Barlow is to pay is his Tax bill (oops)! Anyway two things happened this week that have changed me forever, firstly I found the music of Betty Who (she is awesome so check her out!); my dressing routine will never be the same again thanks to Betty and her electronic pop tunes! Secondly and quite by accident I discovered the Porn Actor, Director and all round Porn King that is James Deen! So I already know what your thinking here; this woman just admitted she watches porn and to the world no less or at the very least the single person to come across this blog whilst clicking the wrong link. Well people I found him after reading an article on Huff Post. It was an article written by Jenn Tisdale and her porn experience with James Deen written more than a year ago I might add. Being a woman with a fairly broad mind and view of each to their own, I thought it brave of Jenn Tisdale. So I proceeded to read her article with curious interest. Who was this James dude and why would a woman not previously involved in the Porn Industry, not just willing but actively seek out a porn experience? So in reading the article I find that it hadn’t occurred to her before (that’s what she says) but a request sent out by this James Deen guy to have amateur woman indulge in a porn shoot with him; was found and she applied. Now I’ve looked already, yes you can still apply to enjoy a session with this guy on camera. Hell who wouldn’t; have a look he is damn fine in more ways than one (discovered in the course of my research on this blog), but do women really wanna do the No Pants Dance on camera? Well Jenn Tisdale did, I’ve seen it and she is great in it!! True I have limited experience with reviews of porn vids but its definitely an improvement on the porn I have seen which was laughable rather than arousing! However this ‘porno’ is slightly more home video porn than industry standard, maybe that’s why I found it not just bearable but interesting! So in getting to the point here, with publication of a new porno book (sorry erotic fiction) every other week, and the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey going viral; I ask has our view of sex changed or is it that we are just acknowledging that people can and do indulge in all sorts of things and sometimes a camera is involved? Jenn Tisdale states in the video she would not being doing ‘porn’ if it wasn’t with James Deen, hell I wouldn’t do porn but I might be coaxed if it were him (my mother’s eyebrow just raised)! 20120613-canyons1That said the idea of my boney ass being online terrifies the life out of me more than my god damn VIVA in 2 years. But James Deen does not look or from what I’ve seen act like the typical porn star, in fact he behaves; when in his porn role as more serial seducer than serial killer (which must have been a relief for Jenn Tisdale). But with the BDSM tale of Mr Grey and other books that reiterate that women what nothing more than a man to control them in the bedroom and to buy them the latest gadget outside, are we circling back from Ladette culture and moving into the post-ladette world where a so-called Alpha is all we want. I don’t want a dude to tie me up, not my thing but I do find it endlessly fascinating reading about it and I wonder is that where we’re at. Where we can imagine ourselves doing anything and everything but in real life its the guy who brings you the cuppa that is god!! My friends are in one of two camps, the lets just get a bloke who can spell his own name and then we can work with the rest, the other is let’s get up to freakiest shit imaginable. I admire the second for their openness and courage to experiment but when they fall through wardrobe roofs and end up locked inside I do question the attraction to it. I have been called a prude in the past, but hey is it prudish to just not want to witness a friend performing fellatio at a dining table in a restaurant? I think not!! Equally I did not appreciate the follow-up which was having to wait for an elevator as they did the deed up against the adjacent wall. I was however impressed with this former friends ability to f**k and tell me “I was such a prude” at the same time. Anyway as I look forward to the release of another filthy book tonight (The Redeemer by J.D. Chase) I wonder I am the only female puzzled as to why I love reading about a girl being called a ‘filthy whore’ but if a guy called me that in life I would give his vitals a quick karate chop. Is this fascination because I’m exactly what my ex-friend said ‘a prude’ or is it because these modern erotic/porno books let me life vicariously through the female leads without running the risk of rope burn myself??!! I guess I’m not the best judge but I think it’s both and I’m also bloody hopeless in the DIY department, I’d buy the wrong rope or something. So this is where I say goodbye and return to looking for more James Deen vids (not really but I may check some out in future) as I wait for my latest erotic fiction fix. ciao