Review of Vouloir by J.D. Chase from ARC: released 26th Feb 2015

Vouloir by J.D. Chase Review

So happily and thankfully I received an ARC copy of this fantastic new book from the author herself. I’ve been a fan of her writing since she introduced the world to Xander Rhodes and this new book Vouloir follows on at a slight tangent from the Rouge Passion Series. I am happy report that this new offering is actually even better than I’d hoped.

That’s a big relief on two counts; one you don’t want to have expectations knocked down, it’s deflating and two you don’t want to have say the book is not that great. However relief washed over me about 10 pages in and had me hooked and this first book in the Passion Noire Series far exceeded expectations. The market in erotic fiction has been saturated since 50 shades appeared, thankfully not all books have had such infantile themes and terrible writing. But the main issue was always why read a constant stream of the same formula rehashed. Well in this instance J. D. Chase has done something remarkable, Vouloir is fresh, new and addictive.

She has given the world La Veuve Noire, a sex therapist, come Domme, who happens to run a club for the more sexually liberated. Veuve is not a one dimensional character of a woman, in need of rescuing from a man. In fact she is revealed at a controlled pace to be much, much more than at first she appears. She is strong, powerful and she knows it; basically everything that’s been missing from the erotic fiction market.

This book is not a scene by scene account of sex in different guises, it more refined in very unpretentious way. Dean the sexy bartender from the Rouge Passion Series opens the door on this world due to his disastrous encounter with Isla in the previous series. Interestingly although a character from the other series is the entrance to this world, the other books don’t have to be read to enjoy this book. (Although I highly encourage reading them if only to bring Xander Rhodes to a wider audience!) In agreeing to help Dean; Veuve introduces the world of BDSM in a more interesting and real way than many other books in the genre have. Its shown in all its discomforting glory, but however uncomfortable it may make you feel; the writer has made aspects of the unpalatable: palatable. She uses pace with great effect; in controlling the readers knowledge of the world, using BDSM less as shock factor and more of a ‘it exists get over it’, allowing for a story to be told.

The relationships between Veuve and men are diverse, between Dean, ‘the Kid’ and Jones the ex-commando a lot of bases are covered. The point is to show that women are more than simply an prop for expressions of male sexuality. Her relationship with Jones has the most potential as its not a opposites attract mentality, its like vs like; I for one am very interested to see how a strong sexually sure man navigates a relationship with a woman who requires the ultimate in submission from him.

It goes without saying this book isn’t for the easily offended, but if you come across these types of books its a fair assumption your reading tastes are not of the Little Women variety. But this book manages through the skill of the writer to inject fresh ideas into a very saturated market of prince charming being over taken with ‘Love’ for needy women who manage to change their sexual proclivities over night. Vouloir is fresh, interesting, gripping and well written with great pace. Overall its just MORE and by that I mean it hits more than the erotic fiction mark, its a study on the motivators of human sexuality without being heavy and dull. If your anything like me it’ll get inside your head and make you think after you put it down.

I just can’t wait for the follow up: Falloir, if this offering is anything to go by it promises much. Once again i’m full of expectations and my anticipation is rising…


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