Just the Worst!

I am a big bad blogger- I’m idle and guilty of self pity. But after what can only be described as a difficult year here I am trying again in the spirit of Robert the Bruce. Enough about me…

In a year where we have all seen the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the beach attack in Tunisia, the bombing of the Russian airline and then the Paris massacre; amongst the countless atrocities in the Middle East. The question put to British Parliament on Wednesday was to Bomb or not to Bomb those Terrorists in Syria. I refuse to give name to this group, they are just the worst example of the human race and fly in the face of all that Islam stands for. But for the British Parliament to ask the question again; just makes me wonder what these people who want to bomb think it will do! Bombs no matter what any military person tells you, do not win a war. Boots on the ground do that!

Have the British Government learned nothing in the 14 years since 9/11, violence begets violence. We make ourselves more unsafe in the short term by bombing a country to dust along with its citizens. The sabre rattling does nothing to stop the funding of those terrorists nor does it stop the radicalisation of British Muslims. I am by no means a pacifist sometimes military action is not only the last means but should be the first resort especially in cases like Bosnia and Rwanda. Where we in Europe failed, as did the United States to respond adequately and quickly enough to stop genocide.

In the case of Syria, to stop the maniacs you need to take the fuel from them. That is money and the civil war! Assad fuels the fire by his undemocratic rule and war crimes against the opposition but while chaos reigns in Syria terrorism is a threat to us all. And money from oil, taxes, ransom, donations, selling of antiquities and robbing banks will not be completely stopped by bombs. Bombs only work in conjunction with effective ground troops and intelligence otherwise you are bombing almost blind and thats when innocence is lost. We then become the crusading anti-islam western forces. The terrorists portray us as! I wish people in Parliament put as much effort into humanitarian efforts and cutting off the money; as they do with the rush to bombing.

I am pleased my local MP voted against the bombing. But my heart breaks for those people in Syria, living in what can only be described as hell on earth made no safer by British Bombs. All we can really hope for is that Governments around the world agree on workable future for Syria, the way they joined together for bombing. That way we can all go about our daily lives free of fear of lone wolf killers stalking our streets.



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