Manipulator or Victim?

It is a well known fact to most people I know that Sexual Assault and Rape are amongst the few things I find the most disgusting about humanity. Rapists are individuals who believe themselves above the rules of other mere mortals. They are a dealt with accordingly in the press, courts and society i.e. they are scorned, shunned and ostracised and should NEVER be allowed to forgot their deeds. There is no rehabilitation for these people because they cannot change what they are. But equally I pour scorn on the those individuals that falsely accuse or manipulate themselves into being seen as the victim. So as it happens this week in the news there is the case of Labour MP for Rochdale; Simon Danczuk.

simon-danczukThis man in the picture is a divorcee, a campaigner against child sexual grooming and pedophilia. He also happens to like females with ample chesticles. Which according to most of the male species is not illegal or abnormal, just slightly sad and pathetic. Nevertheless this man has been outed as having swapped SEXTs with a 17 year old girl who ‘was looking for a job with him’. Now the inverted commas are for a reason, who approaches a prospective employer cleavage first?? The answer is nobody!! Why? Because it gives off the impression you wish to be objectified and viewed sexually. Now i’m all for females being free to express themselves however they choose, but to pretend that taking a self-portrait in such a coy fashion is anything other than titilation is plainly a con.

Sophena-Houlihan.jpgSophena Houlihan is the young lady in question, 17 years old (Age of Consent in the United Kingdom is 16 years of age) and clearly very aware of how much attention her ample cleavage would garner her. For her to engage in back and forth text messaging with the 49 year old MP is a manipulation of the facts. And in my opinion she should be ashamed of herself.
To claim shock at the messages she received is a ridiculous notion, she is replying in full awareness of his response to her and I would even suggest she is goading him to write even more explicit things. This was the grand design of a 17 year old unemployed girl, with no idea of how to behave and even less care for the man she was going to destroy. But here are a select few of the messages as published in the Daily Mail UK newspaper-




Danczuk texts 3.jpg

Simon Danczuk

The whole episode screams set up either by Labour Party cronies that don’t like Mr Danczuk’s less that supportive comments about the new lefty leader Corbyn or by this horror of a teenage girl who thinks notoriety is the same as celebrity. No doubt she got a nice big fat cheque to go with the shock she felt at the exchange of texts.

imagesBut that holier than thou look on her face as holds up the phone and the inference in the headline that Mr Danczuk has done something almost illegal is clear. She is 17, past the age of consent and clearly sexually self-aware. The MP although his judgement is questionable and bordering on the gross, he has committed no crime. One of his less than helpful constituents asked the Greater Manchester Police to investigate and they were quick to point out that Mr Danczuk had committed no crime.

In fact the only crime here is a moral one, the old fool that is the MP and the little madam who snared him in a trap for her five minutes of fame. Females such as this make me sick and in fact make real victims subject to abuse of doubters and defence barristers. She deserves a kick up the backside and the MP needs to revaluate his priorities. Otherwise its a witch hunt of a man who doesn’t support his party leader and a tit of a girl who thinks that notoriety is preferable to a normal decent existence. In my humble opinion the press have once again got it all wrong and Simon Danczuk MP is the victim and Sophena Houlihan is the perverse manipulator.


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