Bernie rides again to a Five⭐️ Review!!!

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for the ARC!!!

The praise for this book cannot be high enough- I am biased due to my long time love all things Bernie Gunther! This book doesn’t let long time fans down but I also feel it does allow for people who are new to this book series to enter this world! The title of this book refers to antidote for Thalium, whereby Bernie is involved in another criminal enterprise! The success of this series is the character of Bernie- he’s very much a man who is neither saint nor sinner and so you as the reader can live vicariously through him without feeling compromised. He is often caught in the web of Nazi or Stasi intrigue but he never loses his own humanity! Prussian Blue is set across two timelines separated by 17 years and this serves to show that despite the end of the Nazi era, nothing has fundamentally changed! It is a wonderfully intricate story, with excellent character details and a fabulous sense of time and place! Despite this being #12 in the series, it shows that good writing and a character who walks off the page, never has sell by date! I’m waiting for more Mr Kerr!!!

I cannot recommend this series of books enough, it satisfies both historical and crime fiction readers in abundance! Personally I’d love to see this book series on the big screen but in the mean time, I read these books and hope that Bernie goes on forever!

Arc for unbiased review!


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