Grand National 2017

So it’s National Day at Aintree and for many it’s a wonderfully exciting race of beautiful animals showing their skills! Other will say it’s a horrendous display of animal cruelty! For me it’s the former and for people who subscribe to the latter- I direct to you to any video of Red Rum at the National. If ever there needed to be proof of a horses willingness to race, he was the horse! Some race’s make the horse, in the the case of Red Rum, he made the National!

Today I place my annual bet on two horses- one to win the other each way! I was taught to read the Form by my grandfather and he must have taught me well! I have in the past had 7 winners and 5 placed! This year I have place Highland Lodge – and Cause of Causes to win- but tbh I suspect that it may be another horse all together that wins! But my Highland Lodge should place with the ground suiting so well!

The race kicks off at 17.15pm GMT, I hope for a good return, a fantastic race but most of all I hope the starting 40 make it round safely!

SoI update this with the news that I came 2nd and 4th! But on the positive side One for Arthur won and he’s a Scottish beauty and all the riders and horses a well after the National!!


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