Last Breath by Robert Bryndza

5⭐️ Review from NetGalley

So Erika Foster returns in this new and amazing installation of in Robert Bryndza’s electric series! This is another well-written and extremely well paced story, as I’ve personally come to expect from the writer but surprisingly I read this in record time- less than 24hrs! Dark Water was my personal high point but Last Breath steals the crown! It’s a book that truly sucks you in and refuses to let your brain go free until you finish!!! My own baby (whose name is Erika- can you guess why?) enjoyed her bedtime feed whilst I shamelessly followed another Erika around!

This book has a fantastic group of characters, and finely balances the work and pleasure aspects of them- Erika in this book is revealed even further; perhaps even showing a warmer side than ever before. Despite this softer side being revealed, she is still the kick-ass Erika we have all come to know and love! Her ability to become SIO despite rubbing every superior up the wrong way with her rule breaking is miraculous but her selection of Moss, McGorry, Crane et al makes this story familiar! The crime however is your typical modern nightmare, social media becomes the perfect hunting ground for twisted piece of work, entrapping gorgeous females! He’s not Prince Charming that’s for certs, torture rather than tiffins is on his mind! Almost uniquely in Last Breath, the identity of this creep is known quite early on, you get to view things from his twisted perspective and the cat and mouse aspect makes for riveting reading!

Bryndza’s style of pacing and dripping information to Erika and her colleagues makes the story flow elegantly, in fact I’d say it whips up the last quarter of the book into a reading frenzy! When the end comes; you’re hit with conflict, the end is running at you full throttle and you want to see it through but you at the same time the end means saying goodbye to Erika and co again!

So in concluding this is an outstanding effort once again, Erika is revealed more and ok she gets away with a little more than is perhaps possible in reality but for me she’s a absolute hero and I’d let her away with more. I cannot wait for more from the author, the Erika Foster series has become my crime fiction favourite!

A note to newbies: this series doesn’t need to be followed in order, but if you’d like to chart character development then start with Girl in the Ice! Read all and don’t look back!

An arc for a fair review!!!


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