A Rebellious Scot to Crush

I want to break free…

When I first started to write this article, the first in my Rebellious Scot series, Brexit had just begun, with Article 50 being triggered. Mrs May gave two fingers to Scotland’s sovereign parliament when it requested a second independence referendum. With all that hardly digested and with a dose of Easter treats on top, today; Tuesday 18th April, Mrs May hit the ‘beloved Union of Nations’ we call Great Britain with ANOTHER General Election on the 8th of June! So much for Fixed Term Parliaments!

Two things I must say:

  1. I predicted this outcome not two days ago-with the Labour in the cat fight of its life, Auld Tessie would need to be fresh out of bedlam to miss this opportunity!
  2. It’s Brexit or bust, opening that box might just have severed the chains on the unicorn (Scotland’s National Animal)! Keep with it folks- it’s a metaphor! Nicola Sturgeon has the Toxic Tories over a barrel!

Looking from the outside, Mrs May played a total cynical game today- so is hoping and praying on her Church of England knees that Corbyn is as much a joke to voters as he is to his parliamentary party! And there she was less than a three weeks ago saying Sturgeon was obsessed with Independence- at any cost or price! Now the leopard print kitten heel is on the other foot, it’s not obsession with Brexit that’s driving this calculated move, it national unity! I hate to be the person telling her, Scottish voters aren’t going to swallow that bull, she’s obsessed about removing any opposing opinion to Brexit- that is called a dictatorship! Thing is we Scots have practice with this kind of dictatorship, 18 years of Tory rule will do that! This is perhaps Scotland’s best chance to break free!

However with 1 MP in Scotland to the SNP’s 56, she runs the risk of winning the Battle of Brexit but the price will be the end of 300 years of Union with Scotland! I want independence for my country, it’s no joke that second to last line of the UK national anthem talks about ‘rebellious Scots to crush’! Scotland has been ignored and betrayed by successive Westminster Governments, both Labour and Tory alike, our destinies are along different paths! I like my neighbours but they start dumping rubbish in my yard, I’ll get pissed- the same applies to Scotland!


However distasteful I’d vote for pig wearing a SNP rosette to get independence, I have no personal loyalty to the SNP, but for a brighter better future for Scotland they are the only way to see that day dawn. Since 2014 I will have been in the voting booth a total of 6 times! I’d vote again if it meant I could exercise my hard earned right to choose my country’s future. Brexit is a non-issue that the tories have been arguing about for years, John Major had it right when he called the euro-skeptic troublemakers ‘bastards’! In my town we’d say “a shower of shite”, they have forced this issue on frightened, cash strapped people- telling them they’re poor or disadvantaged because of migrants! NO NO NO- people are poor and disadvantaged because the Toxic Tories give tax cuts to Millionaires, cut benefits and social housing funding and pull funding from hospitals and schools!

Labour are unelectable in Britain let alone Scotland, Tony Blair ain’t all that is to blame- he’s war mongering champagne socialist! They became too confident in Scottish support and we Scottish Lion roared and wiped them out in 2015! They are a joke top to bottom- I won’t have any friggin public school boy telling me what’s best for my country! Sadly the SNP are the only lions that roar back at Westminster and put our agenda on the table- by hook or crook!

I want a better future for that little girl and boy in the picture above, not just because I’m they’re Mama, but because I want them to grow up in country were they’re vote matters, our issues aren’t ignored and government’s with 1 MP can’t force us into wars and or other menaces!

Today when I found out about the Snap Election, a BBC reported asked Brenda, a typical woman of a certain age from Bristol- she said it all: far too much politics going on!!! Go with Brenda- she talks sense!


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