Jo Nesbo The Thirst out April 20th!!!!

Last night my Mama and I attended the advanced release of Jo Nesbo’s latest Harry Hole book: The Thirst! Now I haven’t read it and I shall as soon as I’m done with another Scandi Noir book- but I am jumping at reading a book about as Jo said himself “clinical vampirism- drinking someone’s blood is extremely intimate”. Yeah intimate and bat shit crazy, so it makes complete sense that Harry would have to deal with this latest crazy!


Jo Nesbo was being interviewed as part of Glasgow’s Aye Write Book Festival, by author Denise Mina! He revealed himself to be self-deprecating and highly amusing, in fact I can imagine Jo being a very good bloke to have a drink with! He spoke about how he wrote the first draft of The Bat in only 5 weeks, set in Australia because he was there! How he like to write in a coffee shop near his home and how writing came naturally to him, more so than his desire to play the guitar. The highlight of the evening was his response to a question from the audience, ‘Does he enjoy watching his work on stage and screen and what does he think of it?’ He said he felt like a “gynaecologist being asked if his last patient was sexy” he just can’t make that choice because he sees them as two separate animals!

All in all listening to Jo and and getting The Thirst before it’s release was fab (and getting him to sign it)! I can’t wait to read it and it most certainly will be a distraction from the political convulsions in the U.K. right now!


I’ll be back with a review shortly… when I’ve finished with Jussi Adler Ohlsen!



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