The beginning of another decade, only this one isn’t with you…

From the first time I ever saw Stuarty till the last, I knew I would love him till my dying breath! Luckily I took a picture (of the first time I laid eyes on him) of the gorgeous man in the corner who spoke to no one- I had no idea where life would lead us. 10 Years ago on New Years Eve 2007/8- I sat on counter top beside a man who had the most beautiful heart and green eyes. 10 years later I have all our memories and our three children but not him. Singapore is the other side of the world and where I choose to start 2018 and let you go- but your last words to me still ring in my ears; “I love u beautiful”. I loved him instantly, now and always! I can’t understand why you’re gone but I make a public promise to you My Lobster; I will love, care, support and defend your children, raise them with your kindness, guide them to their potential and most of all I will ensure their happiness! We always said happiness was the rarest of things and the most precious- we had it for 10 years- I feel fortunate to have found you and regret nothing not even the end and you left this world a better place for having been here! I choose to let you go today in a special place we talked about once upon a time! I will love you forever and beyond and I hope I find you again in the stars My Lobster. I end with with Rumi (My Favourite you Knew that)- “Whatever Sorrow Shakes From Your Heart, Far Better Things Take It’s Place” You gave me the greatest gift in life anyone can give- Love- and that’s given me the strength to endure however long I have left on this earth to make sure your children are loved, safe and happy, your Eubot will always have me and now he will become the father you always said he would be! You touched so many hearts, you are remembered and most of all you are still loved by so many! Goodbye My Lobster until we meet in the stars again!🌠 see the January 1st Fb post- it’s were all this new blogging began…


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