So on a lighter note than usual…

So 100 years since we women and some more men got the right to vote- my wumin and I are off to see the last in the comedy trilogy! Yes it’s mortifying, it’s original material is awful, a dreadful retelling of the Cinderella story with chains, hand cuffs and whips!

However awful the books and the movies are they made a WOMAN a tonne of money! So fair play to her- shows progress on two counts- one a woman can make a living as an author (loosely used here)! And she wrote about deviant sex- which makes Lady Chatterley’s Lover look like some Sunday sermon! The publishing of the aforementioned book ended up in court!

So we’ve made progress- I sadly have not- I’m off to see the last film and hopefully I’ll not end up with a hernia from laughing too hard! But after all Dornan is in it and tbh I preferred him as an actual serial sexual predator- rather than Prince Charming with whips and chains as a seduction technique!

Let’s hope I don’t get thrown out for laughing- but then again I am a newborn widow so who knows maybe I need the cheer of the cheese and cliché!

#Imustbemad only for you my wumin! ❤️❤️❤️💋🍸


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