Tumblr- I’ve just joined but can’t match these two together!!



So here is my Tumblr deets- Username: outofocus44
Tumblr URL: outofocus44.tumblr.com

This is a call to help for anybody who is much more technically minded than myself to connect my two sites!! I want to reach as many people as possible in my mental health crusade so I’m join all these hitherto unknown sites! When you think of me; think female  whose brain lives in the late 1930s!!!

Please someone help connect these two it just keep telling me it can’t do it because of some reason. I’ll post if that helps!!!

Thanks in advance!! To anyone who can help me resolve this no doubt trival and basic issue knowning me!!

Also: Danke an alle meine letzten deutsche Besucher meines Blogs! Zum Glück bin ich ein grundlegender deutscher Sprecher, aber ich kann besser lesen und schreiben! Hoffen Sie alles in meiner geistisgen Heimat!xxx (I hope its understandable- Excuse  the time- i’m tired and its late here!)

Love you all bloggies and please help me find a way of not being such a luddite!! I want my project to succeed for the HEART that lit my SOUL on fire….

Tech Imp


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