Bio: So I was officially the worst blogger ever, I'd write loads down on paper but I would never get round to posting them! Therefore this year I decided to write a list of resolutions- one of which was to post on my blog regularly and give my family a rest from my opinions. In 2017 I am 31 y/o, the big 3-0 was a trauma but I got over it! I have more opinions than I think I am possibly entitled to and this blog is the outlet for them. I have paused my PhD for the time being, I need a break from the archives and want to get into the real world for a while. I am aiming this year to finish my first novel, its really scary to write that and it'll be even scarier to let it out into the world. But I read somewhere that 'as long you are happy then its not been a waste of time', so thats how I feel. This year I am aiming to Master my German for work and pleasure and I am taking a T.E.F.L. course, with the aim to volunteer with my local council to help refugees learn english. I am a Scottish Nationalist, I believe Scotland should be an independent country, I also voted to REMAIN in the EU. And yet I have friends on both sides of those divides, which means that I don't judge and if you have an opinion that is different from mine then great. I only ask that if you do disagree with me then please- 1. Make sense: just because isn't an answer, 2. Any discriminatory opinions are going to be shredded, 3. Even if I don't agree with you; a well defended point of view is something I respect. I don't tolerate any sort of prejudice, life is too short to be mean. I want to put out good Karma and I live by a live and let live philosophy! I also review books for NetGalley, I've come across some real gems of authors and some which would be better as landfill. So watch out for my reviews!!

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