Bio: Since this blog began I was a happily married, mother of two little humans of each gender! I was using the blog to avoid researching my PhD, but I took a sabbatical after some Ill health and then a surprise baby girl arriving on the scene- I thought that was as crazy as my life could get! NO... 11/09/17- changed my life forever- I discovered my 28 year old husband hanging from a beam in our outside garage! Until that moment I thought everything between us, in his head, heart etc was fine, good, happy, content! Since then I have struggled to adjust to being a single parent, explaining to my elder children how daddy died (age appropriately). Understanding what grief is, how it works on every aspect of a person! I am not who I had been for 31 years- I died the day Stuart died and on that day I was reborn! It’s hard recognising you died, it’s even harder rebuilding when you trust no one, not even yourself- because I slept next to the man who committed suicide one morning without warning or explanation! I clearly saw but didn’t see! 4 months on I’m doing better- my laugh has returned, I can function well and without tears! I can think of him and look at his face without feeling nauseous! But I do believe that the future is what you make it! I want to make it great for my kids, for me and for the wasted and lost potential of Stuart! My passions remain the same, except I am now very interested in getting involved in mental health issues and especially those to do with young men and children! So what is below is what I was- above is what I am- but I am both! I'm Just rebuilding the old parts of me that are still there, with the new me that everyday reveals themselves to me! I am a Scottish Nationalist I make no apologies equally I think England and Wales and Ireland deserve complete equality, I believe Scotland should be an independent country, I also voted to REMAIN in the EU. And yet I have friends on both sides of those divides, which means that I don't judge and if you have an opinion that is different from mine then great. I only ask that if you do disagree with me then please- 1. Make sense: just because isn't an answer, 2. Any discriminatory opinions are going to be shredded, 3. Even if I don't agree with you; a well-defended​ point of view is something I respect. I don't tolerate any sort of prejudice, life is too short to be mean. I want to put out good Karma and I live by a live and let live philosophy! I also review books for NetGalley, I've come across some real gems of authors and some which would be better as landfill. So watch out for my reviews! Enjoy my blog, engage, I want to reach out especially to those with mental health concerns! No more Taboo about Male Suicide!💜 I ❤️ u always my Lobster! X

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