Last Breath by Robert Bryndza

FeaturedLast Breath by Robert Bryndza

5⭐️ Review from NetGalley

So Erika Foster returns in this new and amazing installation of in Robert Bryndza’s electric series! This is another well-written and extremely well paced story, as I’ve personally come to expect from the writer but surprisingly I read this in record time- less than 24hrs! Dark Water was my personal high point but Last Breath steals the crown! It’s a book that truly sucks you in and refuses to let your brain go free until you finish!!! My own baby (whose name is Erika- can you guess why?) enjoyed her bedtime feed whilst I shamelessly followed another Erika around!

This book has a fantastic group of characters, and finely balances the work and pleasure aspects of them- Erika in this book is revealed even further; perhaps even showing a warmer side than ever before. Despite this softer side being revealed, she is still the kick-ass Erika we have all come to know and love! Her ability to become SIO despite rubbing every superior up the wrong way with her rule breaking is miraculous but her selection of Moss, McGorry, Crane et al makes this story familiar! The crime however is your typical modern nightmare, social media becomes the perfect hunting ground for twisted piece of work, entrapping gorgeous females! He’s not Prince Charming that’s for certs, torture rather than tiffins is on his mind! Almost uniquely in Last Breath, the identity of this creep is known quite early on, you get to view things from his twisted perspective and the cat and mouse aspect makes for riveting reading!

Bryndza’s style of pacing and dripping information to Erika and her colleagues makes the story flow elegantly, in fact I’d say it whips up the last quarter of the book into a reading frenzy! When the end comes; you’re hit with conflict, the end is running at you full throttle and you want to see it through but you at the same time the end means saying goodbye to Erika and co again!

So in concluding this is an outstanding effort once again, Erika is revealed more and ok she gets away with a little more than is perhaps possible in reality but for me she’s a absolute hero and I’d let her away with more. I cannot wait for more from the author, the Erika Foster series has become my crime fiction favourite!

A note to newbies: this series doesn’t need to be followed in order, but if you’d like to chart character development then start with Girl in the Ice! Read all and don’t look back!

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Bernie rides again to a Five⭐️ Review!!!

FeaturedBernie rides again to a Five⭐️ Review!!!

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The praise for this book cannot be high enough- I am biased due to my long time love all things Bernie Gunther! This book doesn’t let long time fans down but I also feel it does allow for people who are new to this book series to enter this world! The title of this book refers to antidote for Thalium, whereby Bernie is involved in another criminal enterprise! The success of this series is the character of Bernie- he’s very much a man who is neither saint nor sinner and so you as the reader can live vicariously through him without feeling compromised. He is often caught in the web of Nazi or Stasi intrigue but he never loses his own humanity! Prussian Blue is set across two timelines separated by 17 years and this serves to show that despite the end of the Nazi era, nothing has fundamentally changed! It is a wonderfully intricate story, with excellent character details and a fabulous sense of time and place! Despite this being #12 in the series, it shows that good writing and a character who walks off the page, never has sell by date! I’m waiting for more Mr Kerr!!!

I cannot recommend this series of books enough, it satisfies both historical and crime fiction readers in abundance! Personally I’d love to see this book series on the big screen but in the mean time, I read these books and hope that Bernie goes on forever!

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An ARC from your nightmares- if Dark Water is anything to go by!!

An ARC from your nightmares- if Dark Water is anything to go by!!

There are occasions that life throws you some scary ass pleasure- no dear friends I’m not talking 50 shades style! Robert Bryndza’s Erika Foster novels are such scary ass pleasures that I have on occasion dreamed about them! I also picked the lovely protagonist’s name for new baby born in August! Getting an ARC of Last Breath is like Christmas come early!!! Stay posted for the review and I’ll post the review of Dark Water!!! It’s chilling…

Before The Dawn: NetGalley ARC Review

Before The Dawn: NetGalley ARC Review

Before The Dawn by Jake Woodhouse. ARC recieved for fair review!

Before The Dawn is a great read!!!! Now normally I read the blurb of a book and the decide yeah I like the sound of that I’ll give it a go. But 4/5 don’t live up to that initial promise. But Before The Dawn more than did I’m please to say, the crimes themselves are chilling and Jaap’s investigative style is a pleasant change from the usual tortured alcoholic policeman! There is one complaint I have- it’s not really a complaint though because it’s a delayed pleasure at least for me- this is the 3rd book in a quartet! Therefore the issues of the past that continue to trouble Jaap and his girlfriend Tanya make for a slightly frustrating read- you began to feel that reading the first two would make this a much smoother read.

The only real criticism of this book is the volume of characters introduced- it is slightly overwhelming at points and meant I couldn’t read this when I was tired! As the reader you’re not certain if these characters are important and therefore need to be remembered or if they are incidental and therefore can be case aside! That said the story is really good and being set in the Netherlands really makes for a fresh change- not the moody and twisted scandy noir or the addict ridden divorcee policeman of Britain. It’s a really well written book and although I couldn’t testify to this, it seems to be well researched, as far as the Netherlands and that society!

So this book was enjoyable, the story was really engaging and kept me reading longer than I should have! It’s not five stars only because it seems to need the reader to have read the previous two books in the series- I therefore believe that if the last book in the quartet is as good as this- and of course bearing in mind I haven’t read the first two, this series could be a five star quartet! The writing is top class and Woodhouse really knows his audience, in that he knows just how to pace the story without making you feel it’s too slow and you want to give up or that it’s too fast and therefore lacking in depth! That is a talent because the genre of crime fiction is overloaded with poorly paced books with excellent stories!!

Now I’m off to buy the first two in the series and I wait very impatiently for the last in the series to see how it turns out for Jaap and Tanya!

Distress Signals Review

Distress Signals Review

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So this book was one that I debated internally over- was it good enough for five star or was it an excellent four star book! So the test for me is time! Two weeks pasted and I then went back and re-read and it is an excellent five star book for certain! For anybody who has been on a cruise this book brings to life the almost claustrophobic atmosphere amongst the high-jinks of holiday fun and never before had I thought of how perfect a location it is to dispose of a body! This book is brilliant in the way in introduces stories and characters that beautifully and seemlessly fit together! It’s really well written and plotted- it’s so tightly woven that the twist is something you really don’t see coming! I really wish more thrillers/mysteries were of this quality and originality, though it has sadly put me well and truly off cruising!!!