A Rebellious Scot to Crush

How did we end up in this mess...


A Rebellious Scot To Crush

"Misery Acquaints A Man With Strange Bedfellows" Never did I think in all my days would I join any political party, I don't believe they can generally be trusted! HOWEVER- Prime Minister Theresa May has become my own personal recruiting Sergeant! She galvanised me when she called her cynical General Election for the 8th of … Continue reading A Rebellious Scot To Crush

A Rebellious Scot to Crush

Politics Gone Mad

Know Your History…

Terror visited the streets of Westminster, the hallowed seat of British power, on March 22nd 2017! This attack however disgusting and barbaric is not a first for the Palace of Westminster, I'm thinking of the gun powder plot and the Blitz. Despite this type of attack being nothing new, past attacks like those this week … Continue reading Know Your History…

Indyref2 the joys!

The announcement of Indyref2 has opened up a whole new can of worms- Brexit the gift that keeps on giving!