A Rebellious Scot to Crush

FeaturedA Rebellious Scot to Crush

The Ballot is stronger than the Bullet

I have just recovered from a dreadful cold, the kind that means you read a lot but don’t speak much. I began a very different piece from this during the GE17 campaign. But as everyone knows real life gets in the way of plans and I had to start again. I don’t need to tell you how exasperated I was when Madam May called her shoddy election in April, I thought then it was a cynical attempt to capitalise on the division that is showing itself in this country. But now we’re on the far side of that decision is it possible to see that election period for what it was? It was the most assaulting period in my memory and I remember Thatcher, Major and the big let down that was Blair- i even remember 9/11 and the hell that unleashed on the world. No- since the election was called it has been like the genie has escaped the bottle and it has been running mayhem all around!


The political race was as unpleasant as it ever has been, with the Tories shouting out the ‘Strong and Stable/ Coalition of Chaos’ mantra for all to yawn at. Then the 22nd of May 2017 came… a date which for some will always haunt them, for most the attack in Manchester which killed 22 men, women and children attending a pop concert. Somehow until that point these attacks, although terrible you could in some ways get that however the circumstances people die. But this attack really shook me- Manchester was a placed I lived for University. I used to wander the streets listening to my iPod, enjoying getting lost and finding new way home. It was a safe place, a place where being on your own never meant you where at threat. Hearing the terrible news of the attack at a pop concert made me physically ill. All I could think of was how that city I knew so well would be changed and then to hear that children were killed made me not want to know anymore. I have children, my 8-year-old daughter loves her music; all I could think was how easily it could have been my child. In that moment everything changed for me- the attacks we had all come to shake our heads at and carry on- were now too close for comfort.

The political climate also changed in those following days- the seed of the present Hung Parliament was most definitely planted then, when Mrs May was shown for true colours. A hopeless state of a leader, without any shred of humanity showing through her robotic body language and doll-like eyes. She tried to hang Jeremy Corbyn out to dry by his very gentle Irish republican roots. All it did was show that Jeremy Corbyn for all his flaws is in fact a human being. Like Churchill said ‘if you have enemies it means you’ve stood up for something’! Corbyn isn’t my candidate for leader, I want an independent Scotland, he won’t help me achieve that. The thing that has people flocking to Corbyn is his humanity; his ability to show people his feelings and to never abandon his principles when they become inconvenient. The biggest criticism a BBC QT audience could find in him was that he wasn’t willing to use Nuclear weapons as a first strike option. TBH I want a leader who talks rather than bombs, Mrs May showed her lack of empathy and need to control by failing to debate her policies with the electorate. She sank the Tory boat with a manifesto which would hit her core voters hardest and then refused to debate the issue- instead she flung out a series of Tory MPs or in some case now ex-MPs to defend what they didn’t believe. The Tory ship was sinking and Mrs May was rearranging the deck chairs!


So when the London Bridge and Borough Market attack came on 3rd June 2017, we had a government in crisis trying to tell the electorate that the opposition was the problem. They were hoping that an electorate could be frightened into ignoring the fact that the wannabe PM ran the Home Office for 6 of the last 10 years and had presided over cuts to funding of vital services from a Party who views austerity as a political philosophy. Once again we heard platitudes about these terrorists not being allow to disrupt Democracy. They may have killed and injured people and scared many more with what they experienced but the election went ahead on June 8th 2017 and the hammer fell on Mrs May’s idea of an increased majority, to strengthen her hand. Instead she has ended up looking like the chicken whose head was chopped off but whose body hadn’t got the message it was dead! Her hubris has led her party to a loss of its majority and a country into a hung parliament which it didn’t need. Only she is to blame for mess we’re all in, her party is to blame for Brexit (which was an issue that never needed to be looked at) but who’se to blame for those terrible human beings who murdered people just living their lives? A much harder Question for this mere mortal to answer.


The country returned a hung parliament and i was one of those on Election night cheering at the idea of the Tories being scalped. But in the cold light of day what are we left with- a barely breathing tory government being given life support by a 10 strong group of DUP MPs. Surely this scenario is the stuff of which nightmares are made! The bare fact is that the Troubles; as the war in the North of Ireland was so quaintly known, only came to an end with the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. This agreement which was born from such travail and cost so much to so many, may be torn apart by one woman’s need to call a pointless election for her own vainglorious ego! That aforementioned agreement depends on the Irish and British governments being honest brokers, trusted by either side. How can the British Government now be said to be non-partisan; when they are beholden to the DUP for their 10 votes in the British House of Commons. When Grenfell Tower in the Royal Borough caught fire on June 14th 2017, the fiery tower could be seen as the living image of a country in burning itself to ashes. More people died in that tower than in the terror attacks before and after it to date. It is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with politics and with society, were profit is put before people, were responsibility is a dirty word and no one in power (which we gave them) can give an honest answer. Therefore when a crackpot decided to drive from Wales to Finsbury Park in London to kill Muslims, were we surprised anymore? Maybe only that it took so long for the far right in Britain to spit out one its dysfunctional toe rags/ wannabe terrorists. He took a life, the fire took lives; so many that we may never know all their names and the terrorists who claim Islam as the reason also took so many lives. I cannot help but feel that we’re being pushed inch by inch, incident by incident, vote by vote towards an abyss.

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With today being Princess Diana’s 56th birthday and this year being 20 years since her death, it brought me to thinking about Rumi the Persian scholar and poet: he wrote “And so it is, that both the Devil and the Angelic spirit present us with objects of desire to awaken our power of choice”. That is perhaps were we are at as a society- we each have a choice to make. It is after all a choice between what we want and what we need. It’s like Abe Lincoln said ‘the ballot is stronger than the bullet’. We should all hope that Abe’s sentiment is right and that somehow cooler heads prevail.


A Rebellious Scot To Crush

FeaturedA Rebellious Scot To Crush

“Misery Acquaints A Man With Strange Bedfellows”

Never did I think in all my days would I join any political party, I don’t believe they can generally be trusted! HOWEVER- Prime Minister Theresa May has become my own personal recruiting Sergeant! She galvanised me when she called her cynical General Election for the 8th of June 2017! Today I join the SNP- I voted SNP in both Parliamentary elections in the recent past, I voted Yes to Independence, I vote Remain in the Brexit Referendum! BUT I do remember waking up in May 2007, with two things on my mind:

  1. One I had a college graded unit exam (which I got an A in btw). I was bricking it!
  2. The SNP had the numbers to make a minority government in the Scottish Parliament-at that point I groaned- the SNP in charge WTF had happened!

I can take a retrospective guess, Scottish Labour was beginning to lose ground in a country where the Labour Vote was in the past ‘weighed’! Iraq was probably to blame- I voted Lib Dem that election! Having lost a school friend in Iraq, Labour had and does have blood on their hands! They got cocky and entitled, believing Scotland would always be theirs.

So fast forward to 2011, I didn’t vote for first time- I was not convinced by anybody and I was in hospital having my son! That said I felt amazed and in fact pleased the SNP won a majority! Despite not being a die hard nationalist- I have always been Scottish and a very very very distant second British! I want the chance to vote on Scottish Independence- that referendum campaign pushed me more and more towards the SNP and when Labour and the Lib Dems stood on a platform with Tories, I was done with the pair of them! I was with SNP in spirit if not by name!

Perhaps it’s Nicola Sturgeon who has impressed me most, a calm clear head woman of principle! The antithesis of Maggie Thatcher (the best and worst thing to ever happen to Scotland in years), Nicola is forthright, socially aware and above all not out for the modern day robber Barons! In the ensuing elections the SNP got my vote! In truth I believe the SNP have politicised a generation of Scottish people, into believing their vote matters! We have become one of the most politically aware nations in Europe. That was the independence Ref that did it, the positive view of an independent Scotland and the lack of mud slinging from the SNP side!

More recently I have made use of my local MP (Chris Stephens) when I found myself up against very unfair and downright under hand tactics! He provided the help and support needed, in all it gave me faith that maybe politicians are human after all (well some are- I have no idea what Boris is). The Tories have always been a true enemy of mine- the self serving bias towards wealth and the cabal of little Englanders have no place in Scotland. The Tory’s have stoked division and discrimination for years for their own political gain- austerity as punished the very people who DIDN’T cause the recession, their economic policy has been revealed as nothing more than an extension of their philosophical ideas (if your poor or disadvantaged it must be your fault). They have shamelessly exploited migrants to their own ends and landed us with a Brexit that Scotland didn’t ask or vote for!

With Cameron falling on his own sword we ended up with Mrs May, a woman whose voting record stinks- see below!


She is unfit to run a bath let alone a country, hand wringing with Trump and making capital out of a Labour Party mess makes her look like a snake in the grass! To tell Scotland’s sovereign parliament that now is not the time for a second Scottish Independence Referendum and then within weeks ask for General Election is breathtaking in its arrogance. When you have the Tories spouting nonsense about the SNP being obsessed with Independence and then in almost the same argument going on about Brexit like some madly obsessed teenager it is flabbergasting!

If Mrs May was a proper leader she would get on with the job of giving those Tax cuts to the rich and making women have to endure interrogations based on the conception of their 3rd child. Instead she’s making the most out of Labour’s internal chaos, whilst asking the people to return no opposition to Parliament because she wants unity! Is this woman a dictator in kitten heels? Our democracy depends on a robust opposition which the Labour Party just can’t provide! The Labour Party are dead in the water, Corbyn is just its undertaker, he’s a protester not a leader! He’s a shambles of politician having his strings pulled by a man like Seamus Milne, a public schooled Stalin apologist! With people like that in the Labour Party who needs the Tories!!!!

In conclusion I became a member of a political today to put my money and principals where my mouth is- I want a Tory free Scotland, I want a free democratic Independent Scotland for my children. Most of all I want a country and government that looks out to opportunities the world and its people offer rather than indoctrinating people with fear, intolerance and suspicion! I am a Scot, a European and a Human Being- neither the Labour Party nor the Toxic Tories represent me! Only the SNP tick those boxes!

Vote SNP, Vote for Scotland and Make a difference!


A Rebellious Scot to Crush

FeaturedA Rebellious Scot to Crush

I want to break free…

When I first started to write this article, the first in my Rebellious Scot series, Brexit had just begun, with Article 50 being triggered. Mrs May gave two fingers to Scotland’s sovereign parliament when it requested a second independence referendum. With all that hardly digested and with a dose of Easter treats on top, today; Tuesday 18th April, Mrs May hit the ‘beloved Union of Nations’ we call Great Britain with ANOTHER General Election on the 8th of June! So much for Fixed Term Parliaments!

Two things I must say:

  1. I predicted this outcome not two days ago-with the Labour in the cat fight of its life, Auld Tessie would need to be fresh out of bedlam to miss this opportunity!
  2. It’s Brexit or bust, opening that box might just have severed the chains on the unicorn (Scotland’s National Animal)! Keep with it folks- it’s a metaphor! Nicola Sturgeon has the Toxic Tories over a barrel!

Looking from the outside, Mrs May played a total cynical game today- so is hoping and praying on her Church of England knees that Corbyn is as much a joke to voters as he is to his parliamentary party! And there she was less than a three weeks ago saying Sturgeon was obsessed with Independence- at any cost or price! Now the leopard print kitten heel is on the other foot, it’s not obsession with Brexit that’s driving this calculated move, it national unity! I hate to be the person telling her, Scottish voters aren’t going to swallow that bull, she’s obsessed about removing any opposing opinion to Brexit- that is called a dictatorship! Thing is we Scots have practice with this kind of dictatorship, 18 years of Tory rule will do that! This is perhaps Scotland’s best chance to break free!

However with 1 MP in Scotland to the SNP’s 56, she runs the risk of winning the Battle of Brexit but the price will be the end of 300 years of Union with Scotland! I want independence for my country, it’s no joke that second to last line of the UK national anthem talks about ‘rebellious Scots to crush’! Scotland has been ignored and betrayed by successive Westminster Governments, both Labour and Tory alike, our destinies are along different paths! I like my neighbours but they start dumping rubbish in my yard, I’ll get pissed- the same applies to Scotland!


However distasteful I’d vote for pig wearing a SNP rosette to get independence, I have no personal loyalty to the SNP, but for a brighter better future for Scotland they are the only way to see that day dawn. Since 2014 I will have been in the voting booth a total of 6 times! I’d vote again if it meant I could exercise my hard earned right to choose my country’s future. Brexit is a non-issue that the tories have been arguing about for years, John Major had it right when he called the euro-skeptic troublemakers ‘bastards’! In my town we’d say “a shower of shite”, they have forced this issue on frightened, cash strapped people- telling them they’re poor or disadvantaged because of migrants! NO NO NO- people are poor and disadvantaged because the Toxic Tories give tax cuts to Millionaires, cut benefits and social housing funding and pull funding from hospitals and schools!

Labour are unelectable in Britain let alone Scotland, Tony Blair ain’t all that is to blame- he’s war mongering champagne socialist! They became too confident in Scottish support and we Scottish Lion roared and wiped them out in 2015! They are a joke top to bottom- I won’t have any friggin public school boy telling me what’s best for my country! Sadly the SNP are the only lions that roar back at Westminster and put our agenda on the table- by hook or crook!

I want a better future for that little girl and boy in the picture above, not just because I’m they’re Mama, but because I want them to grow up in country were they’re vote matters, our issues aren’t ignored and government’s with 1 MP can’t force us into wars and or other menaces!

Today when I found out about the Snap Election, a BBC reported asked Brenda, a typical woman of a certain age from Bristol- she said it all: far too much politics going on!!! Go with Brenda- she talks sense!

Indyref2 the joys!

FeaturedIndyref2 the joys!

For those people not in the know the above references the calling of second Scottish Independence Referendum. For the record I’m a nationalist, I want Scotland to return to its natural state; an independent country! However I feel like I’ve not been away from the polling booth in the past few years; two national elections, two referendums, the local elections coming in May and now the prospect of another Referendum in the next 18 months. Oh the joys of democracy, the worst form of Government- except for all the others!

So here we are, 12 hours in and already the keyboard warriors are out in force! I am sure that whilst I will have more than enough to say on the matter as the weeks and months pass, I really wish that people would just remember what vitriol and division can do. The murder of Jo Cox before the Brexit Ref last June, shows that despite the majority of people being well meaning; there are those people who will use these huge national debates for their own twisted ends. For the sake of us all in this beautiful country we call home; I hope it ends well and of course Independence for Scotland prevails.